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Our Approach

Our Approach

Design your business today, and for the future, as you grow, with GAB’S Pyramid™

Big Bang ERP has worked with many clients and saw a recurring theme time and time again: there seemed to be a lack of understanding of how systems within a company work together. We approach your business holistically - meaning we don’t just look at the problem you are facing today, but also at trends, expected growth, check gates and the business systems roadmap to optimize your plan.

If you are able to leverage the capabilities of each of your systems together, you will find your organization streamlined with less manual processes. Sounds good? We know.

In every customer kickoff meeting, we develop and document our GAB’S (Global Architecture of Business Systems) Pyramid™.

GAB’S Pyramid™

GAB’S Pyramid™ is a framework to map the systems and software environment for a modern company. It reviews and presents in a comprehensive manner how Information Systems should be implemented and work together in a company – any company, no matter the size.

To leverage best practices, a company would start with the foundation, i.e. finances. In the real world, starting with the foundation (finances) is not always possible or the corporate priority. In the case where some layers are already in place, the pyramid serves as a visual reference for all systems working together and the role of each one within the organization.

Also, communication remains outside of the pyramid, as it is an additional connected layer, and touches every single aspect of the pyramid hierarchy and the company, both internally and externally.

GAB’S Pyramid™ can help plan your journey with:

  • Business Systems Advisory
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • The foundation for your cloud solution implementation

Our Approach In Action

Once the selection of cloud solutions has been clarified, you can leverage our Big Bang Experience™ to maximize the success of your cloud transformation with Big Bang ERP.

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