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Why Cloud?

Moving to the Cloud

Leading companies have migrated to the Cloud. With their many advantages, Cloud Solutions have become necessary to modern organizations as they replace old tedious manual processes with automatic processes increasing accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Is it time for your business to take the next step and move to the cloud?

  1. Does your business live in spreadsheets and not all of them agree?
  2. You are not really sure what your sales representatives are doing?
  3. You have to re-enter data several times?
  4. Do you plan production or purchasing around “gut feeling”?
  5. Are your key business processes are siloed… in someone’s head?

If you answer YES to at least ONE of the following statements, then your business is likely ready to upgrade!

What Cloud can do for your ROI

ROI is not always the only determinant in the decision to migrate to Cloud computing. Large enterprises, who are likely to have invested in various IT infrastructure, data centers, etc. already find it more difficult to say goodbye to hardware utilization, even though they spend a lot more than they should to keep up with storage and computing demands. This is where the “pay-as-you-go” Cloud system becomes more appealing.

With the agility that Cloud solutions provide, it is possible to save on numerous costs, not only related to IT, but also, to the reduction of human error, changing processes quickly re-use of services and applications, etc.

Eventually, you will see all your departments improve because of the benefits of Cloud including its agility, adaptability, ability to automate processes, etc. That is the true value of Cloud. Before you know it, your business ROI will be increasing as a result and it is not only due to Capital and Operational Expenditures.

Reference: https://www.cloudtp.com/doppler/cloud-economics-getting-bigger-picture/


Why Cloud?

Reduce Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Operational Expenditure (OPEX) with Cloud:

  • Internet friendliness
  • Continuous improvements (upgrades are available continuously to keep up with constant evolution of business models)
  • Lower costs (namely installation and maintenance costs)
  • Lower carbon footprint (requires no physical space)
  • Fast deployment (i.e. installation of new features is relatively easy and cost-effective)
  • Higher ROI because of its flexibility, scalability and cost-saving nature in terms of fixed IT costs
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Global reach and accessibility (multiple people can access it simultaneously, from anywhere, at any time)

Cloud Benefits

Customizable, flexible and scalable tailored to your business management needs 

Cloud Security

Rest assured, cloud systems (and cloud solution providers) ensure your information is secured and safe by offering:

  • Hands-on specialists to prevent problems and deal with any issues that arise
  • Strong surveillance and firewalls for legacy systems
  • Controlled access that is harder to hack than physical servers
  • Scheduled updates, upgrades, and auditing
  • Peace of mind


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