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6 Ways FinancialForce’s Inventory Management Tools Will Rock Your World


Those of you that are familiar with FinancialForce know that it operates on the Salesforce1 platform, so that means you can share and harness the power of the world’s most powerful CRM with a full service ERP.

To break this down in a practical sense, the Salesforce platform allows you to have a full, 360-degree view of your customers, as well as your key warehousing data in real time, displayed on fully customizable dashboards.

Receive up-to-the-minute visibility of all transactions, stock movement and account balances; allowing you to meet and exceed all client expectations. Never again will you be caught scrambling through complex data sheets to discover what’s really happening on the warehouse floor, just log in or open your phone to see everything you need.


Have you ever heard the expression ‘inventory accuracy is a warehouse manager’s best friend’? No? Well, you should have because it’s true. If you want to ensure you only order the stock you need, when you need it and have it shipped to WHERE you need it, you’ll need to have the greatest level of inventory accuracy you can muster up.

FinancialForce’s inventory management tools enable you to manage your inventory effectively. You will be able to track lot numbers, shelf life, serialization – the WORKS. And what’s more, you’ll be able to track and mark intangible items just as easily as physical stock – with the ability to tag the item as intangible, prompting the system to bypass physical inventory workflows such as pick, pack and ship.


Action Queues is a really cool built in feature of FinancialForce’s inventory management tools, and allows you to have full visibility upstream, meaning all departments and all stakeholders are kept in the loop of what’s to come. You’ll ALL be on the same page when it comes to shipping and receiving.


Fully customisable, built-in reorder point processes ensure you’re never out of stock, giving you one less headache to worry about!

Reorder processes can be adjusted and customised to warehouses, conditions and ownership, ensuring that you’re covered across the board for stock levels.

Another great feature of the intelligent replenishment tools found native to FinancialForce’s inventory management is the ability to automate supply requisitions using safety stock, reorder points and acquisition lead time – stock replenishment has never been easier.


Things can change and it’s important to be able to accommodate that change – and that’s why FinancialForce’s simplified reversal tools are a really cool feature. Any action is able to be easily reversed, including customer and supplier returns. These returns are automatically reflected in the system in real time, ensuring you never lose track of the all important inventory accuracy.


If you’ve been paying attention, you would have figured out by now that a key benefit of utilising FinancialForce’s inventory management tools is the ability to keep everyone across the organisation – sales, suppliers, procurement managers – to all have access to the key metrics which allows them to know what they can sell to customers, how much of it they have and when it will be deliver it to the customer.

FinancialForce’s inventory management tools will get you organised and give you complete control over the things that matter to your organisation.

Darren Murphy
Darren is an experienced writer who currently holds the position of Marketing Coordinator at Big Bang ERP. His broad knowledge of all things business and technology means he is well placed to communicate to others issues and solutions which directly affect their business.