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Bitcoin & NetSuite: Digital Currency in the Cloud

Bitcoin and NetSuite

SuiteWorld 16 is currently in full force here in San Jose and as I sit here typing I am surrounded by some amazing people.  The expo floor is abuzz with NetSuite customers, solution providers and product partners.

Those lucky enough to to have attended our breakout session yesterday will have sat in on a pretty awesome session hosted by our very own Guillaume Savoie.

Guillaume introduced the idea of tracking Bitcoin in NetSuite as an inventory item.  A customer of ours, Blockstream, had some tight requirements when it came to how this digital currency was tracked in NetSuite, and the solution our team at Big Bang ERP came up allowed them to hit all requirements.

What kicked the breakout session up a notch was that Marty Zigman of the blog Prolecto was sitting front and centre.  Post session, Guillaume and Marty had the opportunity to compare Bitcoin strategies.

I highly encourage you to read through the presentation slides and if you are interested in getting more info about storing a digital currency in the cloud, fill out the form below.

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