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CRM Benefits for CEOs

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It’s no secret that CEOs are extremely busy. Besides the endless meetings and difficult executive decisions, you need to manage information about your company, clients and leads which can be costly, time-consuming tasks.

Salesforce to the rescue. Here are 4 benefits that CEOs can enjoy with a Salesforce CRM.


A basic CRM system can become outdated if it is not powerful enough to handle the ever changing demands of the business world. If your organization is quickly growing, it’s important to make sure that your investment continues to bring value for as long as possible. Because Salesforce is hosted on the cloud, it has no hardware to maintain. It is also easily scalable, so that you can expand its functionality with your organization!

Data Consistency

The need to make sure that data is the same across multiple locations is eliminated completely with Salesforce. Having a CRM on the cloud means that you do not need to host your data. It is backed up on reliable remote servers that you never need to configure or troubleshoot. This means that when someone in your organization makes a change, it is modified immediately. For all the other members of the organization they see the changes in real time.

Mobile app

For CEOs that are always travelling, the Salesforce1 mobile app can make a world of difference. There may be times when you’re not carrying your laptop and you need to get the latest sales reports or even enter a lead on the go. For example, you may have just met a potential customer at a coffee shop. Instead of having to take down their contact information in your phone and then transfer it to a system, you can use the Salesforce1 mobile app to enter the lead directly into Salesforce. Best of all, the app is updated with the same information as your Salesforce system immediately!

Reliable data

Since you have no hardware to manage, there are no worries about power surges or any other unexpected hiccups that might come with hosting your own system. With Salesforce you can rest assured knowing that even if every computer in your organization stops working, all of your data is safe in salesforce and would require no effort at all to get it back, since it was never deleted. Corporate peace of mind at its best.

Jignesh Patel