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DNS Setting Changes in NetSuite

DNS Changes in NetSuite

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Currently, if NetSuite hosts your website, you set up a CNAME (Alias) record with your Domain Name System (DNS) provider to redirect traffic from your established domain to the NetSuite shopping servers. This redirect points to one of the two data center-specific NetSuite domains, either shopping.netsuite.com or shopping.na1.netsuite.com.

The upcoming change will provide customers with a unique host name alias for each domain. Customers will use these aliases to point to their NetSuite-hosted content using CNAME(Alias) records. Each customer will receive a number of domain name aliases equivalent to the number of domains registered in NetSuite.

You will be able to view your unique host name alias in two places in the NetSuite User Interface: on the Set Up Domains page and on the Domains subtab of the Web Site Set Up page.


Instructions for locating your new domain name aliases:

  1. Go to Setup > Site Builder > Domains. (If you use SuiteCommerce Advanced, go to Setup > SuiteCommerce Advanced > Domains.)
  2. The new CNAME (Alias) column displays the unique domain name alias to which your DNS entry must point.
    Note: If you use a secure checkout domain, see the help topic Setting Up a Secure Checkout Domain in NetSuite (SuiteAnswers ID: 27469)
  • Contact the domain provider of your website domain for specific instructions on updating the DNS record with your new CNAME(Alias).


Determining Whether This Change Will Impact Your Website and Email Campaigns

If you have an active website hosted on Site Builder (the original web store product), Suite Commerce Advanced (the new platform-based web store product), or if you have custom domains setup for email campaigns or secure checkout domains, you will need to update your DNS.


Suite Commerce Advanced Sites with CDN Cache

For Suite Commence Advanced websites with CDN Cache (whether set up or bypassed) we will no longer use the domains website-cdn.netsuite.com or website-cdn.na1.netsuite.com. If you set up the CDN cache, verify that the box in the new CDN column is checked on the Set Up Domains page and the Domains subtab of the Web Site Set Up page.


Email Campaigns (Hosted Emails)

If you have a campaign email domain, you must update your DNSsettings to point your email domain name to the hosting servers at NetSuite using CNAME(Alias) records. See the instructions above for locating your new domain name aliases.


For help or more information, please contact us and we’ll be sure to lend a hand!