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FinancialForce PSA


FinancialForce Cloud Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a cutting-edge solution for managing your people, projects and profitability.

If you are looking for a more visual resource management tool where you can easily see and secure the best resources, quickly allocate the best people for the job, and track all time and financials related to a project, this flagship application within the SalesForce platform will give you a full 360-degree view of your business.

Finding the right resources for the right tasks is often challenging for PMs (Project Managers). When it comes to staffing, PSA allows resources to be requested or directly assigned to any project. Various scheduling patterns can be used for the assignment of a resource, and current assignments along with availabilities can also be respected. Both skills and certificates can also be managed within this app in order to help track the best resource for each project.

Depending on the complexity of the service project, companies may need to track their project activities by milestones or tasks. Financialforce PSA allows for tracking of both. With a user-friendly project task Gantt chart, a multi-level task hierarchy can be established easily and assigned to individual resources or to a general resource role type.

To make each project manager’s job even easier, Financialforce PSA offers easy to use planners. Users can easily view and control the schedules of all of their resources and projects within one screen with a single drag and drop, or via the schedule bar which will adjust the number of hours the resource will be assigned to any project. Based on the total of assigned hours by project or resource, the colour of schedule bar changes, which allows project managers to fine tune their resources allocated time on each project in order to avoid understaffing or burning resources.

One of the main functionalities of the PSA is that it allows you to enter, or track time via its user-friendly Web and Mobile APP from anywhere, anytime. Project Managers can also compare entered time to assigned schedules in order to ensure resources are allocating their time correctly.

From a management perspective, It’s always important to keep track of project financials and PSA helps them do just that. All revenue and project costs are updated on the project record alongside all time and expense entries. PSA also offers “out of the box” and easily customizable salesforce reports to help keep track of key metrics.

FinancialForce PSA helps you centralize your project; assign the most qualified resource to each task without burning resources; manage your resources and their certifications; keep track of time and financials per project or type; allows your team to enter their time and expenses in real time; and gives you a better visibility in order to improve revenue growth. FinancialForce PSA is a user-friendly visual resource management tool that allows you to have a 360-degree view of your business and projects all with one-click of a button or a simple drag and drop motion.   

If you need help understanding what more you can achieve with this powerful tool, Big Bang ERP is here to help you optimize its use and find other functionalities within the platform that could help meet your business needs.

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