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Getting to know the Custom GL Lines Plug-In

Although relatively new (unveiled in the back half of 2014), custom GL lines have already become a must-have for many NetSuite users looking to ramp up automation and wanting to kiss labour-intensive processes goodbye.

So how can Custom GL Lines help you out? Good question.

With custom GL lines, you no longer need to work your fingers to the bone. The plug-in edits the GL impact of existing transactions, allowing you to avoid the painstaking task of mass data entry. Less manual labour = less errors, less manpower required and most importantly, a boost to your bottom line.

With the custom GL line plugin, users are now able to add custom GL impact lines to transactions such as invoices or vendor bills across accounting books.

This feature is great for a number of reasons. Importantly, it means that accounting compliance is an issue you used to worry about, but not any more. Organizations that do business in multiple countries are now assured that the GL impact of a transaction is as expected from country to country. When announcing the plugin, NetSuite used the instance of a multinational company that does business in Brazil, where the required GL impact of a transaction can differ from what is expected in the US, Canada or the UK, for example.

Custom GL lines also allows users to tailor transaction types specific to their industry, along with corresponding capabilities such as transaction numbering, roles and permissions, custom forms and financial custom reports – all tied to the specific transaction type.

To start enjoying the benefits of the Custom GL Lines Plug-in, you’ll need to enable the feature and then create a plug-in implementation. That’s where we can help out.

If you get in contact with the team at Big Bang ERP, one of our trusted consultants will get you in the custom GL fast lane and you’ll enjoy all the benefits this cool little feature has to offer, and before you know it you’ll be wondering how you lived without it.


David Gauthier
A graduate of Concordia University with a degree in Engineering, David has been working in the field of cloud-based CRM and ERP systems for over 2 years. At Big Bang ERP, David is a Senior Consultant who focuses on configuring, testing and deploying NetSuite as well as other business solutions.