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Manage your Manufacturing Business from your Phone with Rootscan Mobile App


Rootstock users can benefit from the Rootscan mobile ERP application (available on both iOS and Android) to use their favorite features anytime, anywhere. Rootscan is built to integrate with your Rootstock Cloud ERP solution through a simple setup allowing you to effectively manage all activities and processes related to manufacturing and distribution in real time.  

Why Rootscan?

  • Eliminate manual work through this automated cloud solution
  • Have better visibility on movement and storage 
  • Barcode/optical character recognition (OCR) scanning to support day-to-day operations such as 
    • Managing inventory levels
    • Receiving purchase orders
    • Manufacturing products
    • Order fulfillment

Rootscan version 2.12

Rootscan’s latest version includes the following features and improvements:

  • Generate and print packing slips from Sales Order (Pack)
  • Perform work order issue while the work order operation timer is running in the background
  • Transfer partial or full quantities of items from one or many locations to another 
  • Initialize lot number with the receipt number for lot controlled items
  • Have access to additional information displayed on the item description on Purchase Order Receipt
  • For direct purchasing, the sales order line associated to the purchase order line will be displayed on the Purchase Order Receipt

Find out more about Rootscan here

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Nicolas Urena
Nicolas is Big Bang ERP's Innovations and Solutions Guru solving problems with elegant solutions. Nicolas created the department of Innovation and Solutions with a clear vision in mind of helping every team member throughout the organization and having the best-in-class solutions to recommend to clients. Nico started as a consultant, with expertise in mobile technologies, and quickly made his way to his role as Director, because of his hands-on approach, determination, and his adaptability to any project whether functional or technical. He is also always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities that will allow Big Bang ERP to grow continuously. Nicolas has many years of experience, he is an ENACTUS (hyperlink: http://enactus.ca/) alumnus and has a proficiency in IT. His global experience, has him working with clients and partners in French, English and Spanish.