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Mass Delete in Salesforce

Step by step instructions on how to mass delete records in Salesforce

It wasn’t until recently that Salesforce offered the ability to mass delete records.  While we are thankful that this option is now available, it does come with some limitations.  In order to mass delete you must have the permission to “modify all data” and you are only able to delete a maximum of 250 at once.  If you are not set as an Admin, you may not have the ability to delete records with associates cases or partner accounts.

With those caveats out of the way, let’s move on to the juicy details of how to mass delete records in Salesforce.

Step 1 – Click “Your Name” -> Setup -> Data Management -> Mass Delete Records.

Step 2 – Choose the record type you wish to delete. Keep in mind some record types may not be deleted. (See article intro)

Step 3 – Specify conditions for selected items, such as “State equals New York” or “City equals Toronto”.

Step 4 – If you wish to delete archived products, or products on opportunities, check the options appropriate to these actions now. If you wish to delete accounts with other attached accounts or closures etc., check the appropriate boxes.

Step 5 – Click “Search” to find the matches based on your criteria

Step 6 – Select the boxes next to item you wish to delete, or optionally, the header box to select all.

Step 7 – Select “Permanently Delete” to permanently remove these records. Be sure to double check everything before moving to step 8.

Step 8 – Click “Delete”. If you did not take the action in step 7, these will be moved to the recycle bin. Otherwise, they will cease to exist now.

That’s it, nice and easy.  But, remember to be careful with mass delete, it can have permanent consequences.