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My First Week at Big Bang ERP

Starting a new job can elicit a variety of exciting and stressful emotions. You might bombard yourself with many questions such as: What will I say? What will I wear? How quickly will I integrate into the company?

How do you typically approach joining a new work team? Do you try to make a friend on the first day? Do you attempt to get lunch with people? How about drumming up some small talk? These are all typical actions that can help you ease into a new job. At times, these approaches can feel contrived, however, there is a breed of company that places great importance on the integration of new employees to the team.

At Big Bang ERP, things are done differently, plain and simple. From the front-end to the back-end, Big Bang ERP truly on-boards their new employees with a baptism by fire approach! As a new recruit, I was completely immersed in the Big Bang experience and feel a sense of community. This integration was characterized by an overwhelming sense of welcoming and empowerment through knowledge sharing.

One week prior to my initial start date, I received a detailed schedule of the following week. The onboarding had officially started!

I was immediately impressed by the level of organization and customization of this schedule. Every day was carefully planned with training sessions from start to finish which covered but were not limited to, company culture, internal tools, product and service offerings.

These training sessions were hands-on and were given by a variety of people from the company. Each presenter showed their true colours and embodied the company’s values which are responsiveness, teamwork, and being grounded.

Every employee at Big Bang ERP is responsive and will go out of their way to convey a genuine sense of humanity by communicating directly in-person, or on the phone. Direct human communication is overtly valued over time-consuming email threads. This has a multitude of psychosocial and business benefits.

At Big Bang ERP, there is a sense of teamwork whereby all employees, regardless of their rank, work together towards a common goal. It is more important to have all hands on deck than to be limited by professional rank. This approach enables collaborative and speedy reactions.

Even more, it is through a humble approach that employees leverage their skills and create added value for the end-client. Big Bang ERP offers guidance which allows businesses to make savvy decisions.

Employee empowerment through transparency is a significant contributor to alternative company cultures and structures. Big Bang ERP clearly states that their employees have a career, not a job. Employees are strongly encouraged to reach their highest potential through continuous education and guided career planning. This is an important differentiator because employees have ample room for growth within the company.

Big Bang ERP’s team is taking hold of the cloud-based software solutions market by providing trusted advice to businesses. We are actively hiring and would love to have you join the team! Check out the current open opportunities at https://bigbangerp.com/bbe/jobs-jobsvite/ and get your head in the cloud.

Melanie Mulligan-Pittarelli
Melanie is one of Big Bang ERP’s project managers who has significant experience implementing and customizing cloud-based solutions in a variety of industries including Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Publishing & Media, Healthcare, Government, Non-Profit, IT Services, Professional Services, and Education. Melanie leads the Salesforce and Business Systems Analysis practices which both channel Big Bang ERP’s internal expertise in order to put forward new tools, industry best practices and trainings. Melanie holds a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in business management and leverages this background to execute and support BPRs (Business Process Redesign), optimizations, implementation, and training projects. Melanie is a member of the BBE Life Committee and uses a holistic approach to contribute to the well-being of her peers as she holds a certification in Yoga instruction.