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My top business tip: Being human and embracing vulnerability

At the beginning and end of the day, we are all energies floating around in the universe and living a human experience. This type of energetic mindset can come across as abstract and irrelevant in a Western business context, nonetheless, there is value in evaluating and assessing what can be applied to our daily work lives. In my opinion, we should be challenging our preconceived notions of what should, or should not be included in a standard business context. The lines between wellness, spirituality, and business are progressively blurring.

The cornerstone of this article will be to remind you that you are a human BEing, day in and day out.


Being human may appear to be straightforward for some, and complex for others. We are all people carrying some sort of baggage such as ethnicity, values, possessions, roles, responsibilities etc. As humans in the human experience, we typically cling to these characteristics. For example, I could describe myself as  a professional with Italian-Irish-French-Canadian background. It is easy for me to identify and attach myself to this label, but it is important to keep in mind that it is just a label. A label is superficial and should never define who you are. While it may be true,  a label remains a descriptive for a shell which encompasses your true energy/essence. The core of oneself is a component which is constant and unwavering.

Remove fluctuations & Connect with stability

When we get in touch with our true essence, we can move beyond self-imposed boundaries and connect to the greater energy of the universe. By doing so, we end up elevating our level of identification to a higher frequency. This higher frequency is accessible to all beings because it is always present. Like a radio, when we are in the low-level energy superficial labels, we are essentially listening to static noise. By eliminating the superficial fluctuations, we are able to tune in to the radio station which is broadcasting to all beings.

If I were to elevate my descriptive by removing the static noise, I would remove all of the superficial identifiers and would end up with something along the lines of: I AM.

When we can remove the ups and downs associated to the superficial descriptives, we can truly connect to ourselves and come to a realization that we are all sharing the same energy.

Remove the veil & Live in the present moment

Once you remove the veil of superficial fluctuations, you will be able to connect to a greater stability. On a daily basis, I strive to connect with the stability that is offered by the present moment.


I AM at work.

I AM at home.

I AM reading.

I AM listening.


The essence here is that I am completely committed to being in the present moment with myself and with others despite how easy it is to succumb to the distractions and to stray away from what is happening right now.

  • When you are in a meeting, can you truly listen to your colleagues without already formulating your reply?
  • Can you hold space for your colleagues when they are sharing their difficulties with you?
  • Can you show compassion and love through your actions and reactions?

During your next meeting, I encourage and challenge you to put down your phone and to close your laptop. Tune in to the conference room surroundings, tune in to your colleagues, and the client. Notice variations, but do not react to them. Take notes, and move on.

Just BE.

You are enough & You already have all the tools

BE present and remind yourself that you are working alongside kick-ass people who are all aligned to reach the same goal as you. Remind yourself that you are WHOLE even when you think that you have shortcomings. We have to embrace ALL of ourselves for what we label as “good” AND what we label as “bad/not good enough”. Our true strength lies within our vulnerabilities and I would encourage you to go towards the aspects of your life that scare you.

Face challenging situations head-on and know that you ALREADY have all the necessary tools to manage. Once you remove,

The veil of doubt;

The veil of self-esteem;

The veil of frustration;

You will see clearly that everything is within reach and can be managed. Remind yourself that you are not alone, you work in a team and are surrounded by a countless number of people who share the same essence as you.

I invite you to remove the barriers and connect with your true self and with others! But more importantly, BE human.

Melanie Mulligan-Pittarelli
Melanie is one of Big Bang ERP’s project managers who has significant experience implementing and customizing cloud-based solutions in a variety of industries including Digital Marketing & Advertising Agencies, Publishing & Media, Healthcare, Government, Non-Profit, IT Services, Professional Services, and Education. Melanie leads the Salesforce and Business Systems Analysis practices which both channel Big Bang ERP’s internal expertise in order to put forward new tools, industry best practices and trainings. Melanie holds a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in business management and leverages this background to execute and support BPRs (Business Process Redesign), optimizations, implementation, and training projects. Melanie is a member of the BBE Life Committee and uses a holistic approach to contribute to the well-being of her peers as she holds a certification in Yoga instruction.