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NetSuite For Outlook Bundle – Not Working Anymore?

In case you haven’t heard, and you’re wondering why your NetSuite for Outlook bundle stopped working, we are here to make sure we answer all your questions.

A few months ago, the Outlook Integration team announced that they would stop supporting the NetSuite for Outlook bundle as of June 30, 2019 and all customers who had this bundle installed were notified. However, we know how it is. Emails get lost, and sometimes you miss out on the news, and here you are a few months later, not sure what is happening. 

Here are the details you need to know: 

Changes to look out for

  • Following June 30th, 2019, customers who have a NetSuite for Outlook bundle already installed in their NetSuite Implementation will still be able to use it, but there will not be any issue fixes. 
  • All your data synced with the bundle will not have any interruption. You will still be able to access it. 
  • The availability of the bundle is now Private (which means new installs are not available). 

Why is this happening?

NetSuite promises to deliver best quality products to customers, and offering the NetSuite for Outlook bundle with many limitations interfered with that promise. If you had the bundle installed, you are aware of said limitations. They include:

  • An application that is only compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10
  • An application that is not accessible from a Mac or mobile devices 
  • An application supporting only the desktop version of Outlook, that is not compatible with Outlook 365

According to NetSuite, “the application did not have any major feature update because of the lack of the priority of the feature.”  They compared the bundle to another third party application (Celigo Cloud Extend Outlook for NetSuite) and realized the user experience was a lot more positive than the NetSuite for Outlook bundle. Therefore, this is the recommendation they offer for all customers who are using Outlook. 

Celigo Cloud Extend Outlook for NetSuite

In order to keep up with the changes, NetSuite recommends a third-party integration, such as Celigo Cloud Extend Outlook for NetSuite, to synchronize emails and calendar events between Outlook and NetSuite. 

Why Celigo Cloud Extend Outlook for NetSuite?

  • Positive reviews
  • Supports Microsoft 365
  • Can be used on Mac or PC
  • Offers a free version

If you need more information regarding this transition, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help. We can even install the Celigo Cloud Extend Outlook for NetSuite application for you.

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