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NetSuite vs Salesforce: overview of their strengths


When trying to find an ERP or CRM solution that works best for you, it’s understandable that you’d want to compare the various software products that are available on the market. For most businesses, this software search eventually boils down to “Netsuite vs Salesforce.”


This should hardly be surprising, as these are two of the most popular software products available today. But how can you determine which software is the right choice for your business? Here’s a quick look at the strengths of each program.


Netsuite is often considered to be the “Swiss Army Knife” of ERP software. Netsuite allows you to connect all corporate data by storing various pieces of financial information in the same database. Pretty much every financial data point that your company would need to track is stored in Netsuite, ranging from general ledgers and inventory management to billing and shipping. Netsuite can even integrate with ecommerce platforms, making it perfect for businesses that utilize Paypal, ebay, and other online transaction methods.


The greatest advantage of Netsuite is its ability to enhance collaboration between departments for better decision-making. Employees in different departments don’t have to wait for system updates or manually re-enter data for their own needs. Rather, data from different areas–including accounting, sales, and other key areas–is shared in real-time.


With this cross-department integration, your team becomes better equipped to quickly and effectively make smart business decisions, while also reducing productivity loss from data input and correction. As you use Netsuite software to effortlessly share data, you can more effectively place orders with suppliers, respond to customer needs, and fulfill other important work responsibilities.


This integrated approach makes Netsuite especially valuable for mid-size and larger ecommerce businesses and manufacturing facilities where intelligent inventory management plays a key role in customer satisfaction. With the help of Netsuite software, you can track customer shipments, manage payments, and keep everything running smoothly. Using Netsuite can even help you plan for the future by allowing you to scale your operations for growth and accurately manage your financial situation.


While Salesforce offers a slightly different range of features than Netsuite, these differences make it so that all sizes of sales-oriented small businesses can benefit from the software. Salesforce dashboards are highly customizable, enabling users from many different industries to utilize this software product in a way that will best help their customer support staff.


This CRM software is all about helping you manage customer relationships so you can grow your business. By automating data in a way that helps you better track sales leads and keep your current customers happy, this customer-oriented approach ensures that you can build a solid client base.


Salesforce integrates with many other programs to facilitate your customer relationships, including Mailchimp, Zendesk, and ActiveCampaign. By integrating with these programs and your internal data, Salesforce allows you to learn more about your customers and store all that information in an easily accessible database–preferences, past communications with your team, purchases, complaints–it’s all stored in the same cloud system.


This can reap tremendous benefits for sales-oriented companies. It doesn’t matter who is reaching out to your customer–a salesperson, a service representative, or someone else. With Salesforce integration, everyone on your team can access the information they need to understand your customer’s situation and help provide a dependable solution.


This allows you to quickly resolve complaints, fulfill orders, and manage other customer-facing tasks that significantly impact how your target audience views your brand. As a result, your entire team is able to work together to convert leads and keep your customers happy. Better yet, software automation gives your employees more energy to focus on these important tasks by automating many of their more mundane responsibilities. For sales-oriented companies, Salesforce is an extremely valuable solution.
Whether you like the integration and customization capabilities of Salesforce, or the versatility of Netsuite, there is a solution out there to fit your needs.

Bob Paulson