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Oracle Acquires NetSuite: What Does This Mean For You?

Oracle Acquires NetSuite

On Thursday, cloud application service provider Oracle announced that it will be acquiring NetSuite for $9.3 billion. In terms of cloud ERP news, it doesn’t come much bigger than this. The deal signals Oracle’s intentions to capture the SMB market, as they have typically serviced the larger end of the customer spectrum, as well as taking a bigger piece of the cloud pie.

NetSuite’s share price skyrocketed on the back of the news, but what does the acquisition (Oracle’s biggest to date) mean for you, the NetSuite user? We asked some cloud industry experts to weigh in on what they think the future holds in this new, Oracle/NetSuite world.


“With Oracle and NetSuite joining forces in this way, I can only see there being a positive impact on NetSuite users.  For many years, Oracle has been a trusted name in the IT space, with their suite of cloud offerings being immensely popular amongst consumers and developers alike. In the interim, nothing should change from a day to day point of view for our customers, but I look forward to the exciting opportunities and innovation that this partnership is likely to forge in the future. In the meantime, Big Bang ERP remains committed to providing the highest quality expertise and customer service to all our existing and new NetSuite customers.”

Mark Rhyman, Co-CEO & Chief Business Development Officer, Big Bang ERP


“Oracle’s offer to purchase NetSuite for $9.3 billion shows further commitment by Oracle to all thing’s cloud. As everyone knows, NetSuite is the world’s leading cloud based ERP solution on the marketplace today. With over 18 years’ experience in financial cloud technology, NetSuite has left all competitors in their wake and the investment from Oracle can only cement NetSuite’s position as the number 1 cloud-based ERP solution.  B2BGateway has been a NetSuite EDI partner since 2001 and we look forward to building a strong relationship with Oracle and NetSuite in the years to come”.

Roger Leyden, Director of Global Business Development, B2BGateway


“It’s typical in massive acquisitions such as the one recently announced by Oracle and NetSuite that the products remain separate either indefinitely or at least for a long period of time.  From a product development and product marketing perspective a merge of the solutions would be a huge undertaking, and given how NetSuite has built a brand and community around their ERP solution, I wouldn’t be surprised if Oracle treats it’s NetSuite operations as a stand alone entity for the foreseeable future, allowing it to service a defined market.”

Erica Lerman, Director of Marketing, Big Bang ERP