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SalesForce Lightning Summer ’16 Release: The Best Of

The Summer ’16 SalesForce release has dropped, and it’s definitely nothing to be sneezed at. With over 200 new features introduced in this release alone, the Lightning release is a significant step forward for SalesForce users across ALL platforms.

So, what are the standout features of this release that have us Summer lovin’? Check it out:


This is huge and we actually love this new feature. SalesForce have introduced in-app, click-to-call functionality that also allows you to receive inbound calls. The reason why this is awesome? Well, now when you call a hot lead (or better – they call you) you can log the call to the relevant record straight away. You can even take notes while you’re on the call within the app and include them as well.

SalesForce have really come through with the goods this time around, as Lightning Voice comes with out-of-the-box functionality, meaning it’s simple to set up and use straight away. No longer will important sales-related information go missing between hanging up the phone and logging your notes. Amazing, right?


The Marketing Cloud has just become so much more user friendly with the introduction of Email Studio. Three words define this new feature: Create. Target. Send.

Email studio allows marketers to wash their hands of coding, with new easy-to-use pre-defined content blocks that allow you to easily create and customize beautiful, responsive emails. Once you’ve crafted your work of art, you can preview, test and finally select your target audience prior to pulling the trigger and sending out. Super user-friendly and powerful.


Service Wave is a new way of gaining visibility over key data in the Service Cloud. The first analytics app for the Service Cloud, Service Wave is integrated within the Service Cloud and allows managers to gain immediate visibility over key data that is crucial to their team, such as KPI’s relating to agent activity, customer satisfaction and open cases.

The easy-to-use dashboards within the app also allow your service agents to deliver satisfaction easier than ever before and allow managers to build powerful, effective service teams.


The Community Cloud has received a boost with new moderator powers. Moderators now have the option of viewing a new community member’s posts prior to the public, allowing the moderator to approve the message before the content goes global. Once the new member has proven themselves within the community, the controls can be relaxed.

This function ensures that your brand is not damaged by rogue commentary and minimizes the instances of SPAM cluttering your community, allowing only quality content to be displayed within the forum.

As I said earlier – there are over 200 new features coming your way this release, so the above just touches the surface of what’s now available. Get in contact with our super responsive team so we can help you navigate your way through this season’s hot release.