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Sending Mass Emails in Salesforce

Building and cultivating relationships with leads, customers, partners or vendors is a critical part of any business. Email is still one of the most common forms of communication.

We often have conversations with our clients about the best way to send email blasts. Should they use the native Salesforce CRM capabilities or a specialized email marketing application from the AppExchange?  For the purpose of this blog post, we’ll assume that you want to stick with sending emails through Salesforce.

You can send mass emails up to a total of 1,000 external email addresses per day, per organization. The maximum number of external addresses you can include in each mass email depends on the Edition of Salesforce you are using:

Professional – 250

Enterprise – 500

Unlimited Edition – 1,000


So, let’s get to the meat of how to actually send mass emails in Salesforce.  Well folks, it’s 10 easy steps!

  1. First, select the type of recipients you want to mass email.
    1. To mass email to contacts, click “Mass Email Contacts” in the “Tools” section at the bottom of the “Contacts or Cases” tabs.
    2. To send mass emails to leads, click “Mass Email Leads” in the “Tools” section.
    3. To send mass emails to users, click “Your Name”, Setup, Manage Users, Mass Email Users.
  2. Select a list view of recipients and click “Go!” By default, all the recipients in the list view are selected, so take a second to deselect any recipients you wish to exclude. If you haven’t created a list view yet, you will need to do so by clicking on “Create New View” to the right of the dropdown.
  3. Click “Next”.
  4. Choose from the available templates. Note that you cannot use Visualforce templates for mass email.
  5. Next, preview your template, which is optional but recommended. Click “Preview”, and be sure it looks exactly how you expect it to.
  6. Click “Next”.
  7. You will now be brought to the confirmation page. You may select from the following
    1. “Processing Options”
    2. “BCC me on the message”
    3. “Store an activity for each message”
    4. “Use my signature”
    5. “mass Email name”
  8. You are now presented with a choice for delivery. You may send it immediately by pressing “Send Now”, or you may provide a date and time for “Schedule for delivery on”.
  9. Click “Send” to submit the email job.
  10. Click “Finished” to complete!

If your needs are more complex than the native mass email capabilities, the AppExchange is the place for you. The AppExchange has a collection of cloud computing applications, all of which can be integrated with Salesforce. Many of the mass email applications will allow you to build segmented lists, create and distribute customized email templates, and track post-drop activity, all from within Salesforce.