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The Basics of Saved Searches In NetSuite

The basics of saved searches in NetSuite|Saved searches in NetSuite|Types of Saved Searches||||||Create a new saved search in NetSuite

What exactly is a saved search?

  • A Saved Search is a request for information. By specifying criteria and results information in NetSuite you will be able to search through hundreds, thousands or millions of records in NetSuite to pinpoint exactly what you need.
  • You need to specify the Record you want to search. Then you would provide criteria and results you want to see.

What are saved searches used for?

  • Lists
  • Dashboard Elements
  • E-mail alerts under specific conditions
  • Marketing Groups
  • Used in Scripts
  • Exporting Data
  • Etc.

Creating a saved search

1. Go to Reports > New Saved Search ( or Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New)

Create a new saved search in NetSuite

2. Select the record you wish to search on (selecting from the different records will only allow you to pick from fields related to the record you choose)

Types of Saved Searches






3. Click on “Create Saved Search” button to get access to more options






4. Specify the criteria (the criteria of the Saved Search filters the results), remember the type of criteria you can filter by will be dependant on the type of saved search you are creating. For example: if you are doing a Contact Search you’ll be able to filter based on criteria such as Contact Name, Date Created, Contact Email Address, etc.







5. Specify the results (the results of the Saved Search shows us the columns we want to see)







6. Click Preview to see the results of your saved search

7. Click “Return to Criteria”.  Once you are happy with your new Saved Search, name the search, select your settings, and click Save!


You are able to filter the final result of the saved search even further to help navigate to the pertinent information.

  1. To add a new post results filter, go to the Available Filters Tab when creating/editing a Saved Search
  2. Select the filter to filter on
  3. Make sure the “Show in Filter Region” checkbox is checked








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