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Your Manufacturing & Distribution Cloud Business Solution is now within reach.


As the pressures of globalization push traditional continuous manufacturing toward more cost-effective shores, we’ve been seeing more and more North American companies building their businesses around discrete, small batch, highly specialized work – from testing apparatuses for safety gear to high-precision laser measurement systems. The needs of those particular companies set us on a search for a solution that was agile enough to manage the needs of a job shop while scaling to include large-scale discrete work.

Big Bang ERP is a cloud business through and through, so we needed a cloud solution that could compete with the old familiar on-premise solutions that had sustained the manufacturing industry for decades. In general, new approaches to old processes create anxiety; even more so in this case, given that a Citrix survey recently determined that more than half of Americans claim they never use the cloud.

Enter Rootstock.

A solution built natively in the Force.com platform, Rootstock boasts a robust manufacturing process and shop-floor management solution that supports the kind of highly specialized manufacturing work that increasingly dominates the landscape. What’s more, it functions seamlessly with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and carries the same slick interface and user experience that Salesforce users love.

Look, I know what you’re thinking. The whole cloud thing sounds like a buzzword. You can easily imagine some slick consultant using it to justify his or her exorbitant hourly rate.

Or maybe you’re thinking, “gee, Nick. It sounds interesting. But the cloud is a long way off – a tool for bigger, high-tech companies.”

Well, it turns out that of the more than half of Americans that claimed they’ve never used the cloud, almost all of them were regular users – whether they shopped, gamed, or banked online. In addition, one of the strongest features of cloud-based solutions is their ability to scale effectively with your business. The reality is that the revolution is here, and it pays measurable dividends.

In the most immediate term, a unified system with instantaneously updated data increases work efficiency dramatically by granting users unprecedented speed and agility – whether the matter at hand is a change to a customer order or an inventory adjustment. Taken a step further, businesses increasingly recognize the need to take disparate data types from multiple levels of the manufacturing process to generate a consolidated view of where a firm is winning and losing. This is all, of course, not to mention the gradual ascendancy of the Internet of Things which is set to revolutionize manufacturing more than any other vertical.  

Ultimately Rootstock was the clear solution we needed to help our clients in the Force.com space to gather tangible business intelligence from their data while controlling costs, driving revenue and maintaining their competitive edge. In the end, this finding has lead us here, to this integral moment in our history where we are beyond pleased to announce that Big Bang ERP has teamed up with Rootstock to help manufacturers and distributors learn about, purchase and implement Rootstock’s Cloud Manufacturing ERP software worldwide.

If you have any questions about Rootstock and how it might be right for you and your business please feel to contact us for a free consultation.


Nicholas Cahill