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What do you know about Cloud ERP?

Cloud ERP, 3 myths:

It costs too much.

Consider the combined costs of servers, software upgrades, security patches and down time. With Cloud ERP’s you always have the latest software version included and budget control from year to year.

It will replace my job.

Would you like to have more time? Cloud ERP’s can automate invoicing so you get paid quicker. Create reports in real time so you can see your real GL, freeing up you and your team to have more time to take better care of your customers, accounts receivables and finding better ways of expanding your business.

I’ll lose control of my data.

There are several redundant backups throughout the United States, so there’s constant, real time backup with each keystroke. You have access 7/24, and Cloud ERP’s have bank level encryption whether you are accessing your data from a PC, MAC or cell phone.

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Steve Gallegos
Steve has almost a decade of experience in Cloud consulting and Development. He has worked with companies in various industries including Warehouse & Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Digital Marketing & Advertising, IT Services, Professional Services, Consulting, and Internet & Telecom Providers. Steve has always enjoyed variety which has also led him to have a vast educational background. He studied Business at Southwestern College and Ships Services at The United States Naval Training Center , but he also decided to get certified as a scuba diver. Steve is a NetSuite and Salesforce expert and has worked with these two cloud solutions for a long time throughout his career but his specialty remains Sales and Business consulting. His ability to listen and give constructive feedback allows him to build good relationships with his colleagues, his clients and, even, his wife (he's been married for more than 25 years!).