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What sets Big Bang ERP Internships apart

Internships are crucial in terms of experience for students. They help shape one’s career and understand expectations and requirements for a specific field or job position. It is evident that there is a wide breadth of opportunities available and it can be daunting to select a unique role within a specific company and to determine what duration would be appropriate and whether it truly contributes to one’s professional objective or not.  At the end of the day, the most important thing is gaining valuable skills that will set you apart. Big Bang ERP is an excellent choice for your next internship as it tackles three essential aspects of a fulfilling internship: Challenge, Support, and an Inclusive Environment.

Challenging Workplace

Most people experience a certain fear when starting their first internship of having to do tedious and insignificant tasks all day such as,  making coffee, creating Powerpoint presentations becoming the photocopy person, etc. However, I can assure you, this is not the case at Big Bang ERP. One of the company’s goals is to ensure that each member of the team is a trusted advisor. This being said, as an intern, you are exposed to the various facets of the business. Within the first couple of weeks, I had already deployed scripts for client customization requests on NetSuite ERP, I had shadowed several calls with customers, and I had the opportunity to go on site to learn more about our customers’ business process. In a short amount of time, I had already developed technical and functional skills.    

Support and Trust

Support and trust are Big Bang ERP’s biggest strengths. As an intern, you are assigned a mentor who guides and helps you throughout your internship. The mentors are knowledgeable and supportive in all aspects of the company. In correlation with being challenging, the company has faith in their interns’ capabilities, thus enabling them to take on difficult tasks to develop self-learning skills. They say “fail fast and fail early” and the team gives you the chance to do that.

Inclusive Environment

From our first day, we are all welcomed with big smiles and strong handshakes. Excited to be part of their team, you are surrounded by smart and stimulating individuals who are ready to take part in your professional journey. Big Bang ERP values team building and continuous improvement. When your work provides in-house yoga, badminton, healthy snacks, coffee, and more, it becomes more than just your workspace, but also, a stimulating environment.

The BIG Difference

What sets Big Bang ERP apart is that they are enablers. As an intern, you’re able to challenge yourself in learning and excelling in different tasks, from scripting to consulting. You are part of a team that provides unparalleled support and who trusts in your ability to perform. Big Bang ERP is the epitome of an inclusive environment geared to ensure employee development and satisfaction.