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What you need to know about Salesforce Artificial Intelligence

From the Matrix movie in the late nineties, to the latest Avengers movie, the common perception is that our future is heading in a certain direction: a world that revolves around Artificial Intelligence. This fascinating technology has been generating a lot of buzz In the last few years, and companies are already starting to move towards this trend and stand out among the competitors.

What if I told you, now is the time to invest and be among the first to leverage this technology? You’d probably be wondering why. It’s simple.

Because we have the technology!

We  finally have the technology required, at an affordable price, to realize our most exciting AI projects.

Salesforce, the cloud computing company, is no exception to companies making the AI move. Salesforce has been incorporating artificial intelligence in its platform since early 2016 and has already acquired several AI companies to extend its solution footprint.

Salesforce branded its Artificial Intelligence platform as ‘Einstein’. Fast Forward to 2018, Einstein is now an integral part of the Salesforce CRM platform. It has its own place along the other platforms in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce platform with Einstein at it’s very core


Salesforce Einstein is now present in all Salesforce clouds. Here are some examples of how Einstein can boost your sales with Salesforce.

Sales Cloud

Einstein can go through your emails, calendars and CRM data to analyze information and proactively recommend specific actions, including  setting up the best response for a particular prospect to move the deal forward.

Service Cloud  

Einstein will automatically and intelligently route your cases to the right service agent.

Marketing Cloud

Einstein can predict the likelihood of a customer responding to your email or making a purchase.

SF Einstein Logo

Salesforce artificial intelligence platform has constantly been evolving since its creation and will continue to grow, according to Salesforce CEO, Mark Benioff.

Salesforce’s Einstein’s growth saw tremendous growth only two years after its introduction. In fact, according to Salesforce, the AI is now powering more than 1 billion AI predictions to their customers, every day.

At the latest 2018 Dreamforce (Salesforce annual trade show), the company  introduced Einstein voice, an AI voice assistant. During the presentation of Einstein voice, it was shown that using natural language, this new feature can translate voice memos into voice commands which can be used to update Salesforce records.

Now you can just speak to your application, saying something like “Great meeting with ABC Company, change close date to November 15 and schedule follow up call for next week”, and Salesforce will automatically create a memo for ABC Company, change the close date of the opportunity to November 15th and create an event in your calendar for next week. Impressive.

Expect more exciting new features in the upcoming 2019 releases. Some are already available at no cost. At Big Bang ERP, we can help you and your business make the first step into Artificial Intelligence and showcase all those features on a Salesforce developer org.


Visit our Salesforce page to find out more about the different features and benefits of Salesforce and see our team’s certifications.

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