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Where in the world…


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Here at Big Bang ERP we love having the chance to work with customers across industries as well as across the globe.  Montreal, where our head quarters is based, is a pretty international city, though nothing quite beats chatting with people from around the world.

We’ve put together a little map of where some of our customers hail from. Looking to have your city represented? contact us to see how we can make it happen!

World Map of Customers

Julie Brunet
Julie's passion for tech and Human Resources make her a great asset to Big Bang. As a visionary, Julie uses her tech knowledge to bring her ideas to life to improve the Human Resources department with new ideas and processes. When she is not hiring new team members or working on HR operations, Julie works with different department executives to reinforce individual employee goals and set a clear career path at Big Bang. Her vast experience in scanning and hiring new team members has allowed her to be a good judge of character and give good advice when it comes to CVs and online presence.