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Why Oracle+NetSuite Has More In Common With A Burger Than You Think

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You are probably wondering why we picked this title. How can one compare a hamburger to an ERP solution? The author is probably a glutton that thinks more about food than work. Make no mistake, through this article’s analogies and comparisons, you will have a newfound appreciation of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and a more comprehensive understanding of its functions.

Purely from a visual perspective, wouldn’t you say that there is a similarity between a burger and the pictogram of a database with its various application layers (or digestible, I should say):

Netsuite Burger Infographic_Netsuitelogo_BBElogo

From a conceptual standpoint, just like a burger, Oracle+NetSuite has everything required to support all your needs in a single place. A burger is designed to be easy to consume while simultaneously allowing you to appreciate each component individually. Not only is a burger easy to consume, but its accessibility and efficiency are instantaneous. A cloud solution like Oracle+NetSuite not only offers accessibility virtually everywhere and on any device, but also requires no financial or time investment in the infrastructure required to support it. Resources allocated directly towards your crucial needs and not smaller technicalities such as scalability, integration, security, updates, streamlining, etc. When you go out to your favorite burger shop, you don’t think about the infrastructure behind the production of your order. The assembly costs are blended in the final price, therefore, all you have to think about is choosing the burger that best satisfies your needs and enjoying its benefits.

An important aspect of this comparison is the selection process. Choosing a burger is not a standardized activity, but the evaluation of your various needs in order to ensure the optimal return given your unique situation. Let me explain myself; When deciding what you want to eat, you assess your level of satiety (snack or full meal) and the quality of what you are looking for (basic or high quality). You are essentially evaluating your current needs and you’re trying to ensure that it will satisfy both your current hunger and any future hunger pangs. This cognitive process is surprisingly similar to the selection of an ERP. Effectively, when going through this process, you will base your choice on your current and future business needs, which are the primary factors that play into the identification of the system and module that you require.

It is important to note that selection doesn’t necessarily mean standardization and that is where a SaaS product (Software as a Service) like Oracle+NetSuite really shines. The acquisition is done module by module, based on your specific needs and requirements. Like the burger, you are ordering one, two, or four patties based on your preferences.

Not only do you take advantage of the modularity, but you can also leverage the customizations to create a unique experience aligned to your own requirements.

In summary, like a burger, Oracle+NetSuite supports your needs in a simple, accessible, modular, personalizable and scalable environment. It shouldn’t be just A burger, it should be YOUR burger.

Jérémie Pettigrew
Jérémie has been tech savvy since a very young age and has always enjoyed solving computer-based challenges. Coming from a business/technical background with strong analytics abilities, being a CRM & ERP solutions consultant just felt natural. He has been working on a wide variety of projects from the complex technical challenges to deep dive into business process analysis.