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Club Sportif MAA

Club Sportif MAA knew they needed more from Salesforce, but they just didn’t know how to get it. So, Big Bang ERP picked up the slack.

The Challenges

Club Sportif MAA had the advantage of being a member of a group of companies that had a dedicated IT team.

However, when Club Sportif MAA departed that alliance, the company was left without the technical expertise needed to get the most out of their Salesforce account, as Sales and Member Experience Director Laurent Fayen explains.

When I need Big Bang ERP to tackle a problem they are extremely responsive

“Previously, whenever we needed something to be done with SalesForce I would just send a request to the IT department and it would get done. Once we didn’t have that luxury and it was left to me to handle, I realized that I didn’t have the required skills to leverage Salesforce, so we were left only scratching the surface of what the solution could do”.

The Solution

Club Sportif MAA was on the hunt for a team of consultants that would allow them to harness the power of Salesforce. “We needed to dig deeper,” Fayen says. “The Club needed to have access to in-depth, comprehensive reports so that we could compare important data from quarter to quarter, year to year.”

After a bad experience with the first consulting company they enlisted, Club Sportif MAA came across Big Bang ERP and the two struck up a relationship where Big Bang ERP would provide support and training with the goal of transforming Club Sportif MAA from Salesforce Apprentice to Salesforce Master, and while Fayen admits he’s not quite at that stage yet, he knows that with the help and guidance of Big Bang ERP it won’t be long.

“When I need Big Bang ERP to tackle a problem they are extremely responsive. It’s not a matter of 24 hours and they will reply, it’s done within the next few hours, and they keep me in the loop the whole way. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Big Bang ERP to anyone.”

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About Club Sportif MAA

Club Sportif MAA is a multi-sport facility located in the heart of Montreal, Canada. With a total employee base of approximately 200 people, ‘the Club’ has been promoting fitness, sports and well-being in Canada since 1881.

Club Sportif MAA’s location (covering 80,000 square metres) offers restaurants, medical services – including general medical, physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture and nutrition – as well as world class sporting facilities.

For more information about Club Sportif MAA visit : Club Sportif MAA