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DailyMotion looked for a Salesforce consulting firm to add value and go beyond point and click solutions, and they found Big Bang ERP

The Challenges

DailyMotion is fortunate to have an onsite Salesforce administrator who understands the ins and outs of the CRM. Able to confidently navigate system setup, implement point and click solutions and partake in basic coding, DailyMotion’s Financial Analyst and Business Systems Analyst, Joseph Rishe was looking for more. “I basically knew what I wanted done and I needed a Salesforce consultant to meet my tight deadlines with no hand holding”, said Rishe.

Big Bang ERP purposed the exact solutions I needed, and what they delivered was elegant and clean.

Working with the requirements provided by DailyMotion, Big Bang ERP dove into Apex, extending Salesforce beyond the more basic point and click solutions that didn’t give DailyMotion exactly what they needed. “We spoke to a few other Salesforce consulting firms prior to choosing Big Bang ERP,” states Rishe “many seemed to be glorified Salesforce administrators. Big Bang ERP purposed the exact solutions I needed, and what they delivered was elegant and clean.”

The Solution

One of the first mandates was to migrate all the contract requests from DailyMotion’s legal team into Salesforce. Big Bang ERP also developed a custom visualforce page that renders contract content based on the users selection, the interface also allows contracts to be submitted for approval. This has given the DailyMotion legal team a better handle on incoming contract requests as well as improved workflow between Account Managers and Legal as all information is stored on the customer object and notifications are sent when specific changes happen.

Another time saving modification to Salesforce was the improvements to the contract process. DailyMotion needed to streamline operations tied to a custom object called Purchase Orders. Big Bang ERP developed custom triggers that examined an incoming contract. If certain conditions are met, it is sent straight to the legal team. If conditions are not met, then the purchase order process is initiated which results in two documents, a PO and a contract. The PO is automatically forward to the finance department and the contract to legal. The newly centralized way of doing things has reduced time, headaches and mistakes – definitely a win for DailyMotion.

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