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Espace Garage Plus

A Quebec-based design & residential garage makeover company, Espace Garage Plus has been reinventing the residential garage since 2006.

The Challenge

Following its opening in 2006, Espace Garage Plus managed business alike to many start-ups, they did it simply with tools created from Word and Excel. Even though it was time consuming, in the early days of their business to manage processes manually, the owners didn’t know any better. A couple of years later, a friend introduced them to another option: SaS (Software as a Service). A cloud based solution which was to allow them the ability to work from anywhere at any time and from CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to ERP (Enterprise Resource Management).

From there, the partners did some research and came across a 30-day free trial of two different platforms. Being more interested in an integrated solution, Roberto Wilson, President of Espace Garage Plus, and his partner went ahead with a proposal from NetSuite through a Toronto-based consultancy referred to them by NetSuite, even though their experience in Quebec was limited. Once the partners started working with NetSuite, they began quickly to feel overwhelmed with the scope, depth and various customization options available in NetSuite. It was not as simple as once explained by the Toronto-based company. In fact, there was no real guidance or answers related to simple questions and issues pertaining to Espace Garage Plus’s daily challenges, for example the firm could not address the deployment of Canada’s two official languages in the platform. Support was inefficient, inexistent or simply managed through a call center in the Philippines.

At that point, we were not even aware that a solution closer to home existed.

The Solution

As luck would have it, Espace Garage Plus received a call from a prospective client, Gabriel Tupula, Co-CEO of Big Bang ERP, looking for a complete design solution for the garage of his new home. During the course of the project, Michel Marcoux, co-owner of Espace Garage Plus, shared with Gabriel the issues Espace Garage Plus was having with the deployment of the NetSuite CRM/ERP platform. It was obvious that Espace Garage Plus needed help and Gabriel and his team were to be the solution. Unbeknownst to Michel, Big Bang ERP was a preferred NetSuite Solution Provider.

Quickly Gabriel and his team put a proposal together highlighting proper training for the owners, a customization of the platform to suit the unique small business needs for Espace Garage Plus, and a personalized support team that would be quick to respond and resolve any issues that may arise in the future. It was obvious that this plan was exactly what Espace Garage Plus needed and should have received from the start.

Luckily, Big Bang ERP intervened shortly after Espace Garage Plus began using NetSuite ERP. Big Bang ERP’s certified NetSuite consultants were able to help the Espace Garage Plus partners work their way back to a genuine sense of control of their business through support, training and advice. As they say, knowledge is everything.

Working locally with Big Bang ERP was key to understanding the platform and all its possibilities…. Having known Gabriel before we purchased NetSuite we would have sat down, discussed and adapted the solution to our needs first and foremost

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About Espace Garage Plus
Industry: Home Design & Services

Size: Small business

Location: Terrebonne, Quebec

Espace Garage Plus

A Quebec-based design & residential garage makeover company, Espace Garage Plus has been reinventing the residential garage since 2006. Espace Garage Plus has built its business by maximising available storage spaces in residential garages in each and every turnkey project they have created over the years. With better use of that space, more and more homeowners have come to realise that their garage can be used not strictly for parking vehicles but as a real extension of their home to be used for a series of activities such as hosting an oyster party if they feel like it.

After 10 years in business, Espace Garage Plus is seeing more and more customers returning for a second even a third time following the purchase or the building of a new home. Once they have experienced a properly designed residential garage, they will never go back to the mess and chaos they once experienced.

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