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Hawthorn Creative


Digital Marketing Agency, Hawthorn Creative was working with disparate customer relationship management (CRM) and financial systems that wasted time and caused errors with duplicate entries. The 7-step Big Bang Experience guided Hawthorn to migrate and work off of one customized streamlined cloud-computing platform to make information more accurate and accessible and understandable for business decisions.

From the point of kick off Big Bang did a really good job of setting expectations with us, having a plan in place, letting us know what our deliverables were as well as what they are going to be doing and within what time frame.

Big Bang ERP did a great job of understanding the platform that we had been on and the platform that we were moving to. And I felt like our consultant really had a good grasp on that to be able to answer our questions with a yes or no. There wasn’t a lot of “I’ll get an answer and come back to you” It was “Yes. I can do this” or “No. I can’t do that” which to me, demonstrated great knowledge.

About Hawthorn Creative

Hawthorn Creative crafts marketing solutions for the hospitality, event and wedding industries rely upon to reach and attract customers. They boast an award-winning team of designers, writers, salespeople, and marketers dedicated to creating more loyalty, more sales, and more opportunities for every client.

For more information about Hawthorn Creative please visit: Hawthorn Creative

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