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Kinova Robotics

Kinova develops and manufacturers products that are modern and high-tech. They needed their business processes to follow suit.

The Problem

Kinova faced the same hurdles that many manufacturing firms face – limited inventory traceability and visibility as a result of their existing, out-dated system and as a bi-product, business processes, as Kinova’s Finance Director Éric Labbé explains.

NetSuite helps us manage all the information on our existing prospects as well as the new ones.

We were looking for a solution that would centralize all our key information, in order to have visibility of it – all in one place. What we had was all the inventory stocktake and invoices saved on our local network, strewn across different drives and saved to our desktop. It was inefficient and causing problems.”

Knowing they needed to evolve to grow in the competitive manufacturing industry, Kinova embarked on a search for an ERP that was right for them.

“Initially we looked at multiple ERP systems, not having a specific solution in mind. At the beginning, when we decided to move from our existing solution to a new ERP, I wasn’t familiar with any of the ERPs in the market. This is where we struck up a relationship with Big Bang ERP and scheduled a call, where they assessed our needs and it was decided NetSuite was the best fit for Kinova.

The Solution

Big Bang ERP worked closely with Kinova to understand the unique challenges the business faced before suggesting the company select NetSuite and roll out a light manufacturing implementation to help Kinova streamline their processes and help the company with the growth they are predicting.

“NetSuite will definitely help us grow the company. The solution allows us to take advantage of the opportunities that we have and potential clients. On a sales basis, NetSuite is much better than the system he had in the past,” Mr. Labbé says.

“NetSuite helps us manage all the information on our existing prospects as well as the new ones we obtain through conferences and trade shows.”

Going forward, Kinova and Big Bang ERP are working together to implement the complete manufacturing suite for NetSuite, and Mr. Labbé says that he is excited for what the future will bring.

“We love working with Big Bang ERP. They understand Kinova’s business processes and have helped us come up with customizations that give us an edge. They are always there to answer our questions quickly and accurately.

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About Kinova Robotics

Kinova Robotics is a Boisbrand, Quebec-based robotics company founded in 2006. Initially, the company focused on developing and manufacturing robotic arms for people in power wheelchairs, improving their quality of life and enhancing their independence and confidence. Since 2010, Kinova has added a Service Robotics division to its operations, which aims to empower people in a variety of industries to interact with their environment more efficiently and safely.

For more information about Kinova visit Kinova Robotics

Darren Murphy
Darren is an experienced writer who currently holds the position of Marketing Coordinator at Big Bang ERP. His broad knowledge of all things business and technology means he is well placed to communicate to others issues and solutions which directly affect their business.