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Mountain High Appliance

Mountain High Appliance turned to Big Bang ERP for their expertise in complex systems integration, and their unrivaled ability to nd solutions where others had failed.

The Challenge

Mountain High Appliance was seeking the best business solution for replacing their disparate 13-year-old computer system. Their system has become outdated, causing the team to lose a tremendous amount of time due to unnecessary steps, poor inventory management, and complex reporting. ”Reporting and inventory management were challenging to follow, there were a lot of steps and we needed something that would allow us to get real-time information. We also needed a solution that would work with a dispatching system,” said Maureen Ledwell, General Manager of Mountain High Appliance.

We were spending a lot of money and going nowhere… so we called NetSuite and they referred us to Big Bang ERP because they specialized in companies that struggle with going live and we needed help not only picking up the pieces that were dropped but also xing any and all mistakes that were made by our previous provider.

– Maureen Ledwell, General Manager.

Mountain High Appliance’s previous providers introduced them to NetSuite, however, they struggled with the integration and the serialized inventory which represented 99% of the business revenue. Mountain High Appliance was forced to delay their go-live date several times before they found a solution provider that would make NetSuite work for them.

The Solution

Mountain High Appliance chose to go with NetSuite because of the valuable insights they received from other appliance dealers, and sales associates, who found it easy to use. What was most intriguing to Mountain High Appliances was that NetSuite had everything the company needed as far as information for orders, operations and so on. When Big Bang ERP entered the picture, Mountain High Appliance needed a lot of help cleaning up erroneous customizations made by the previous provider; new customizations had to be made, and their inventory needed to be cleaned up and counted. “Once the cleanup was done and the new customizations were in place, we saw an immediate benefit. We all needed the ability to get information immediately, and with NetSuite, we can review sales and see profitability margins whenever we want. Our next step is to automate our billing process a bit more and work on ironing out the kinks in our dispatch system due to our complex ordering process,” says Maureen.

Big Bang ERP is proud to have helped Mountain High Appliances achieve transparency where they needed it. The independent dispatch system that was installed is now working seamlessly alongside NetSuite, allowing them to automate their billing process even further.

The team at Big Bang ERP is incredibly responsive and so willing to help when we need them. They are very supportive and will hop on a phone call ASAP. The team was even willing to come back and spend the week with us after we went live which was above and beyond their requirements. They’ve taken such great care of us.

– Maureen Ledwell, General Manager.

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About Mountain High Appliances

Owned and operated in Colorado since 1993, Mountain High Appliance is a complete appliance source, offering every major appliance line as well as delivery and professional installation with a large selection of desirable brands, a knowledgeable staff, and a state-of-the-art showroom featuring 12 live demo kitchens.

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