Sales tax is complicated. Avalara makes it easy.


Simplifying and automating sales tax so you can focus on other profit-generating activities

Avalara is revolutionizing a fundamental business process most people never even consider. Forget your manual tax compliance processes. Automate them with Avalara solutions. One of the biggest corporate challenges is keeping up to date with sales tax and reducing audit risks. That is why we recommend using Avalara: the cloud-based tax automation solution for business of all sizes.

Why Avalara?

  • Makes Sales Tax Easy!
  • Seamless integration in familiar ERP, MRP, ITSM and CRM cloud solutions (such as NetSuite and Salesforce)
  • Manages new tax jurisdictions, taxes, and use tax compliances services for you
  • Works within your own financial, billing, ecommerce, or point of sale system to deliver accurate tax calculations in real time
  • Offers a large array of solutions related to various areas depending on your business requirements.
  • Once configured, you don’t have to worry about ever-changing, impenetrable rates, rules, boundaries, exemptions, tax holidays, reporting requirements, filing deadlines, etc.

Some of the solutions Avalara offer include Sales & Use Tax services, Professional Services, Global commerce, Services tailored to Small Businesses, Excise (mainly fuel excise taxes), Communications and Lodging.

Avalara Benefits

Process 4 Bn transactions/day

100% Accuracy

Time Efficiency


Easy Set up
Avalara has the ability to process over 4 billion transactions a day. Automate in key areas with interconnected solutions for calculations, filing, and exemptions.
Automated software that is constantly up to date with all changing tax rates and rules. All the tools you need to avoid compliance errors. Simpler lifecycle management.
No need to do research and spend hours to keep up with the most recent tax rates and rules, this tax solution does it for you and allows you to focus on other tasks
Not only are you getting added value for an affordable base price, but it will also eliminate all costs associated to tax errors.
Avalara plugs into the systems and solutions you already use, with more than 600 prebuilt connections into cloud applications.

Avalara Products



Avalara Returns

Avalara 1099

Avalara AvaTax, the leader in sales tax decision automation, instantaneously and accurately calculates tax in more than 10,000 taxing jurisdictions.
Avalara CertCapture creates, validates and stores sales tax exemption certificates and reseller certificates in the cloud, limiting audit exposure.
Avalara Returns automates the entire sales tax filing process, saving time and money. File and remit returns accurately and on time, every time.
Avalara 1099 is a web-based service that streamlines online 1099 reporting and ensures IRS compliance. Save time and money and limit audit risk
Avalara MatrixMaster, the world’s largest database of Universal Product Codes, delivers product sales taxability down to the SKU. Simplify sales tax.

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