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B2B Gateway

Your Complete Supply Chain Communication Hub

Since the 1990s, B2B Gateway has been providing organizations with inexpensive and simple Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions. EDI is loosely defined as the structured transmission of electronic data such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices between organizations. Trading partners and new suppliers entering the market or expanding their distribution channels are the best fit for an EDI. B2B Gateway enables relationships with this market and helps them make the right choice for their EDI needs.

Why B2B Gateway?

  • Simple to use and quick setup
  • Cost Efficient
  • Outstanding technical Support
  • Compatibility with most EDI Formats (all US and International formats ANSI X-12 EDIFact, XML, etc. and virtually all EDI transport protocols, VAN based, AS2, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Warehouse Support System (WSS): best of web based EDI and fully integrated EDI to give your organization importable Purchase Orders and Printable Pick tickets in your warehouse
  • Supports EDI connection with NetSuite and FinancialForce
  • They have a global footprint that allows them to support all internationally recognized EDI standards and communication protocols
  • Integrated EDI can support: ERP or Accounting software, WMS, Inventory and OMS, eCommerce solutions and legacy systems.

B2B Gateway Benefits

Integrated EDI

Purchase Orders as Sales Orders

Omni-channel Supply Chain
Enables efficient, seamless communication between all parties in the supply chain by removing the need to re-key data and reducing the need to rely on human manual processes
Enables incoming purchase orders to be populated as sales orders in the users backend system, while returning documents such as invoices and ship notices can be pulled automatically and returned to the trading partner in their required EDI format
Increased speed, increased accuracy, greater visibility and reduced labor overheads. Omni-channel retailer is assured that they will get the right product to the right customer in the right time frame and within agreed costs.

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