Demand Driven

Leader in DDMRP deployment providing next generation supply chain software.

Demand Driven Technologies

Supply Chain Technology for a Demand Driven World

Demand Driven Technologies, the leader in DDMRP deployment, provides next generation supply chain software. It is their mission to make enterprise class Demand Driven Supply Chain planning easy and accessible to all. They provide the tools, the technology and the knowledge to manage all your business needs related to materials, inventory, production scheduling and execution software solution. Moreover, Demand Driven Technologies offers a solution built native for NetSuite ERP leading up to a successful integration and faster positive results.

Why Demand Driven Technologies?

  • To simplify supply chain management
  • Compatible with any ERP solution, including NetSuite
  • To align material and inventory to actual market demand
  • To achieve positive results 

Demand Driven Technologies Benefits

With a better visibility and more accurate scheduling and forecasts, you will be able to better manage your inventory levels

Demand Driven Technologies Products

  • Replenishment+NetSuite: The only DDMRP solution built native for NetSuite
  • Replenishment+: enables you to shift from forecast driven planning to sales driven planning
  • DBR+: finite scheduling allowing you to implement a full demand driven operating model

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