Mobile Supply Chain Inventory and Manufacturing.


Mobile-First Supply Chain Apps and Cloud Inventory Solutions for the Digital Economy

DSI Global makes their customers’ success in terms of inventory in the digital economy a priority. They are always ready to take on business challenges, regardless of the industry or specific supply chain needs, and work to provide the best solution. They create and deliver world-class technology solutions that enable all DSI customers to run their businesses more efficiently and drive sustainable growth while building long lasting customer relationships.

Why DSI?

  • Tailor your solution with a team of supply chain experts
  • Proven delivery method
  • A consistent delivery experience
  • Reliable support from start to finish

DSI Products

  • PAAS
  • Cloud Inventory ™ Services
  • ERP Apps
  • Add-on Products

DSI Benefits

Guidance and Oversight

Leverage Investments

Technical Consistency

Project Go-Live Support
DSI provides guidance and oversight throughout partnership with customers
It will save you costs associated to risks and errors that occur at the supply chain level.
As products evolve, DSI makes sure to be up to date with all the new advancements.
from implementation to delivery, DSI supports customers throughout the whole process and afterwards.

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