Fully automated cloud expense management solution.


From receipt scanning to reimbursement, Expensify automates every step of the expense reporting process.

The main purpose of Expensify is to make expense reports less complex, or as they put it, make expense reports not suck. The complexity of reporting expenses can hinder the growth of a business if it is not using the right tools. This is where the idea for this platform was born. What if we could scan receipts? This is why SmartScan was introduced. Expensify users only need to take a photo of the receipt and the job was done! As their clients continued to grow, Expensify continued to add more and more time saving features to increase the amount of automation in the expense reporting process. There are now more than 4.5 million Expensify users.

Why Expensify?

  • One-Click Receipt Scanning: Snap a picture of your receipt and your expense report is done
  • Next Day Reimbursement: Direct deposit and applicant reimbursement
  • Automatic Approval Workflows
  • Automatic Accounting Sync
  • Advanced Tax Tracking
  • Flexible Travel Integrations
  • Corporate Cards
  • Real-time expense report
  • Fully-customized integration with Oracle

Expensify Benefits


Time efficient


Easy to use

Maximize efficiency
Complete control and visibility over company finances
Expense reports with expensify take 83% less time
Highest level of protection for companies of all sizes
Simplify receipt and expense management process
Expensify improves productivity in terms of managing expenses which allows businesses to focus on other tasks.

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