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Guru is a knowledge management platform that unifies your organization’s information, verifies its accuracy and empowers your client-facing and operational teams.  With Guru, you don’t just manage your knowledge; you create a network out of your company's collective intelligence. Using AI+ML, Guru suggests relevant knowledge to you in real-time... the more you use Guru, the smarter it gets.

Leverage Guru within your CRM, ticketing, chat, email and any given web app to instantaneously access your natively curated knowledge in Guru and unify the various content sources your teams use (i.e. Confluence, Salesforce Knowledge, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox) to dynamically recommend your organizational knowledge where and when you need it.  Guru creates knowledge networks at companies such as Zoom, Spotify, Shopify, Square, Buzzfeed, and Autodesk.

Why Guru?

  • Access knowledge everywhere you work - empower your team with the knowledge they need to deliver delightful customer experiences at scale
  • The best search is no search - With Guru’s AI + ML you no longer need to search for the knowledge you need.  It will find you when you need it
  • Guru’s verification engine ensures that your team is responding to their clients with confidence.  Your knowledge will be consistently reviewed and validated by your subject matter experts. 
  • Guru helps to identify knowledge gaps + discover trends to constantly refine your enablement strategy
  • Accelerate first call resolution rates and decrease handle times to improve your overall CSAT by arming your agents with the just-in-time information they need
  • Suggest the optimal assets in Salesforce to send, track and advance your sales process


Guru will arm your new-hires with all the information they need in an easily accessible, scalable platform allowing you to reduce new employee ramp time by 67%


  • Guru Web App – Design and structure your content, ideal for sequential steps in onboarding new-hires
  • Dynamic Browser Extension – Easily access your knowledge as an overlay to all web-based apps your teams are using
  • Verification Workflow – Ensure that your content is always up-to-date and accurate
  • Slack Bot + Actions – Search, respond and/or curate new content within your Slack Channels 
  • AI Suggest Text – Guru contextually suggests the appropriate response for your agents or reps to use for inbound tickets and live chat sessions
  • AI Suggest Expert – Guru recommends the appropriate SME(s) based on the context of your question(s)
  • AI Suggest Voice – coming soon!
  • Knowledge Syncs – Synch your various content sources into Guru for a single-source of truth across your organization.  Content sources such as Confluence, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Salesforce Knowledge, Zendesk Guide, etc.
  • Knowledge Triggers – Ability to map explicit topics or content to specific fields (or custom objects) on any webpage.  
  • Business Impact Analytics – understand how your users and knowledge are performing and impacting key business outcomes such as new bookings, upsells and CSAT


B2B and B2C organizations across all industries


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