Supply Chain: Mobile. Accurate. Real-time.


RF-SMART: Your Supply Chain. Mobile. Accurate. Real-time

RF-Smart is a tool that can help solve all your inventory management issues. A built for NetSuite solution, RF-Smart delivers advanced software solutions for RF/barcoding. These solutions increase productivity and efficiency and eliminate trips back and forth to the office between every task, error-prone manual data entry and invisible inherent in paper-driven processes.

RF-Smart has over 30 years of experience in the industry and a global reach that allows them to serve a large array of industries. These industries include wholesale distribution, high-tech and electronics, industrial manufacturing, automotive, oil and gas, property management, chemicals, construction, life sciences and medical devices, pulp and paper goods, third-party and warehousing, and consumer packaged goods. RF-Smart develops, implements, and supports their solutions, anywhere in the world.


RF-Smart is an industry leading product that meets NetSuite’s highest standard for Suite-App Solutions. Not only that, but it has many other advantages making it the best bet when it comes to barcoding solutions. The main benefits are:

  • It is integrated in NetSuite
  • It installs and works in minutes
  • No code is needed on the device
  • It works with advanced bins, bin management, and no bins
  • It has value-added functionalities like location leveling & pick planner
  • It was voted SuiteCloud Developer SuiteApp of the year

RF-SMART Benefits

Improve accuracy immediately

Improve productivity

Improve operational efficiency

Seamless integration

Reduce inventory management risks
This automated solution makes it so that errors associated with manually entering data are completely eliminated.
RF-Smart provides real-time data in a timely manner allowing operations to proceed efficiently and effectively.
In the warehouse and on the shop-floor with barcoding, RFID, and warehouse intelligence.
Integrated automated data collection solutions for NetSuite ERP system.
Solve all your inventory management issues.

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