Removing the challenges of scaling accounts payable to energize your business


Removing the challenges of scaling accounts payable to energize your business

Let’s face it. Accounts payable is not our favorite task. Yet it is critical to do it right. From supplier onboarding to invoice workflow to global remittance to tax compliance and reconciliation, businesses that are spending valuable resources on AP are hampered from redeploying energy into more strategic and value-added initiatives. Tipalti helps businesses wipe out 80-percent of their AP workflow and get back into doing real finance. Tipalti has hundreds of customers with traditional and digital-first business models. They have a rich history in helping ad tech, media and entertainment, online services and marketplaces, and business services bring their solutions to market faster as an integrated partner. Tipalti also features a growing set of more traditional invoice-to-pay AP workflows.

Why Tipalti?

  • A great help for mid-sized organization experiencing high growth
  • Enhanced visibility on multiple entities or subsidiaries with a centralized finance team
  • Experts who will deploy efficient accounts payable through digital best practices
  • Manage your increasingly global set of vendors using multiple payment methods and banking rails
  • Automate your accounts payable with a minimal change management

Tipalti Benefits

The time savings you earn with Tipalti can be put back into more strategic areas of the business, including optimizing the organization to scale 

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