Your Virtual Workspace with Big Bang

Optimize Your "Working From Home" Team

Your Virtual Workspace with Big Bang

Optimize Your "Working From Home" Team

In the modern world of all things cloud, one of the greatest benefits is getting real-time insights from anywhere. The same is true with working remotely. With the help of Big Bang, systemize your business for greater scalability, profitability and freedom. It isn't always easy and can be cumbersome if the tools don't work together, or they aren't easy for stakeholders to adapt. 

Big Bang is happy to help you optimize these tools or show you how we leverage them to allow employees to work-from-anywhere all over the globe. We’re happy to help your team become productive at a distance. Let us help you strategically leverage a remote workforce at your organization.

Robust Remote Working solutions include:

Zoom for Remote Meetings and Conferences 

Video conferencing, web conferencing, webinars and screen sharing

Do you want to have meetings with people at a distance? Zoom lets you meet with team members, host webinars, record and even control screens of collaborators, all at a distance. Zoom provides support for computers, mobile and even phone dial-in, with local numbers all over the globe. The Zoom remote conferencing services are loved by small companies to enterprises and also by Big Bang. We can't wait to meet you on Zoom and show you how. 

Zoom remote conferencing best practices: 

Use the Zoom video conference feature and call in from a landline for the best connection

Ensure that you add the Zoom information to the meeting itself. There are integrations for Zoom to Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Microsoft, Salesforce, Skype and more

Avoid backlight windows that can cause glare for video conferences. 

GSuite for Workplace Collaboration, Storage and Communication

Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Meet and more for business

Does your team need to collaborate at a distance? Google’s GSuite allows you to do more in real-time. 

Connect from anywhere with Google Calendar, Mail and Hangouts

Create everything you need to bring your work to life with Google Sites, Sheets, Docs, Forms and Slides and collaborate with others on the same file at the same time (with historical changes tracked) 

Find exactly what you need by leveraging Google Drive, Team Drive and Cloud Search 

Control exactly what you need in the backend with Google Admin, Vault, Mobile and Work Insights

Slack for connecting People, Information and Tools 

Get things done with Slack Chat Platform designed for you and your team 

Slack is the leading chat software for work with web, desktop and mobile applications. Spend less time shuffling tabs and though many applications by leveraging the comprehensive message functions available in Slack at your fingertips. Use the one-on-one chat, shared channels, pin important information or set up chat-bots to remind or integrate other software into Slack. Make communication via chat as easy and streamlined as possible.

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