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Upcoming Webinar

Digital Transformation Workshop
  • Virtually and at the Big Bang office (105 De Louvain O, Montreal, QC)
  • Tuesday, October 8th at 8:00 AM EST (Montreal Time) or 2:00 PM (Paris Time) - Tuesday, October 8th at 9:00 AM EST (Montreal Time) or 3:00 PM (Paris Time)

Kickstart Your Organization’s Digital Transformation

Attend our webinar virtually or in-person at our Big Bang Office (105 De Louvain O, Montreal, QC)

Join Big Bang’s experts for a 1-hour webinar and dive into the world of Digital Transformation by creating a mockup for your organization and understanding how it fits into your long-term growth. Designed for the pragmatic business operator

In the Digital Transformation Webinar, we will cover: 

  • What is Digital Transformation
  • Understand how Digital Transformation fits into your long term Business Plan, and what pieces of your business plan are dependent 
  • Workshop on mapping out your business systems and how they work together 
  • Clarification on the Cloud and how it brings security, real-time updates, flexibility and transparency to your organization 


  • Date: October 8th, 2019
  • Start time: 8:00 AM EST (Montreal Time) or 2:00 PM (Paris Time)
  • End time: 9:00 AM EST (Montreal Time) or 3:00 PM (Paris Time)





About Big Bang ERP

Big Bang ERP is a boutique consulting firm that helps businesses optimize and streamline their processes by implementing cloud solutions. Their highly skilled team of experts works hand in hand with organizations to achieve exceptional business improvements for every department in the enterprise so that companies can focus on what they do best rather than on repetitive manual processes, spreadsheet management and other non-value-added activities.

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We will provide you login instructions so you can join this workshop from anywhere in the world.

In person

105 De Louvain O, Montreal, QC H2N 1A3. Continental Breakfast will be served.