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Pardot added to Big Bang ERP’s cloud-consulting capabilities

Pardot’s user friendly, full-featured marketing automation tool makes good marketers great

Montreal, QC, October 28, 2015 – Montreal-based cloud solutions firm Big Bang ERP has today announced that it has added marketing-automation platform, Pardot to its suite of cloud-consulting capabilities. Big Bang ERP is now part of a small number of firms offering both Salesforce and Pardot implementations, customizations and support services.

Pardot, a member of the Salesforce family, packages together key marketing functions such as email marketing, lead generation & management, ROI reporting, sales intelligence and social marketing into one easy-to-use platform that revolutionises B2B marketing.

Big Bang ERP Co-CEO and Chief Business Development Officer Mark Rhyman said the addition of Pardot to Big Bang ERP’s offering will allow the company to continue to make strides in helping their customers achieve their business goals.

“At Big Bang ERP we have been long time experts of the sales process, financial management and inventory management.  Marketing automation has been on our radar as the next big thing, and with having staff on hand who are already well versed in what makes marketing campaigns great partnering with Pardot seemed like a natural next step. Our goal is to make our customer’s lives easier with the use of cloud solutions. Pardot lets businesses carry out marketing functions more comprehensively than ever before and provides them with data to make smart, informed decisions.”

“What we love about Pardot, and what we know our customers will also love, is its user-friendliness. Big Bang ERP aims to make business’ lives easier, and having a tool that covers every aspect of marketing means our customers can not only carry out their marketing functions more comprehensively than ever before, but they can do so with supreme efficiency.”

About Big Bang ERP

Big Bang ERP is a boutique-consulting firm that helps businesses optimize and streamline their operations by implementing cloud-based CRM and ERP solutions. Their highly skilled team of experts works hand-in-hand with organizations to achieve exceptional business improvements with cloud business solutions. For more information about Big Bang ERP, visit its website at http://bigbangerp.com.

About Pardot

Pardot is a full-featured marketing automation system owned and operated by Salesforce. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Pardot unites sales and marketing like never before, empowering businesses to drive more qualified leads, nurture prospects through the sales cycle, and sell more effectively.

Pardot customers have seen 34% increase in sales revenue, 48% increase in marketing productivity, 37% increase in marketing campaign effectiveness in addition to a 38% increase in prospect engagement. Visit its website for more information on how Pardot can help your team http://www.pardot.com.

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Darren Murphy
Darren is an experienced writer who currently holds the position of Marketing Coordinator at Big Bang ERP. His broad knowledge of all things business and technology means he is well placed to communicate to others issues and solutions which directly affect their business.