GAB’S Pyramid™

Global Architecture of Business Systems

GAB’S Pyramid™ is a framework of the software environment for a modern company. It explains how Information Systems should be implemented and work together in a company – any company no matter the size.

To leverage best practices, a company would start with the foundation, with finances. In the real world, starting with the foundation (finances) is not always possible or the corporate priority. In the case where some layers are already in place, the pyramid serves as a visual reference for all systems working together and the role of each one within the organisation.

As well, communication remains outside of the pyramid, as it is an additional connected layer, and touches every single aspect of the pyramid hierarchy and the company, both internally and externally.

GAB’S Pyramid™  can help plan your journey with:

  • Business System Advisory
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Even, Cloud Solution Implementation



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